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Broadening views and creating innovative ideas for development.

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From study visits to delegation tours, our events go across a panel of aspects that matter the most to the city. 

Study Visits

A complete and advanced journey into the many aspects that keep us going with a view to learn and explore further.

Local Meetings

Understand the needs and requirements of the city with meetings that provide everyone with a platform to speak and be heard.

Deep Delegation

A simple and strategic method to advance our services and help everyone get used to the idea of change.

About Us


Main Objectives

The aspect of helping one achieve their best, and coping up with change tend to be the main objectives that keep us going along this path. 


Management & Coordination

A devoted team that is entrusted with the activity of meeting services that are known to be ideal requirements stands to describe our management.


Aim Of The Project

A bright and prosperous future that will change lives for the better stands to be our aim, and we are going to achieve the same. 



Simple study visits, meetings, and other progressive activities are bound to take us forward and help you get used to the concept of innovation. 

What our clients say

“A project of this nature is always expected to go through problems, but the CCIC is different as they are run by efficient individuals.”

Heather J Sherer

“The scope through which they operate is quite interesting and advanced, and that is what brought me close to them.”

Jennifer A Nero

Latest Updates

How Exactly Does Innovation Lead To Growth?

How Exactly Does Innovation Lead To Growth?

In this guide, I will be talking about something amazing. Innovation is something that every single business needs to do. Without innovation, a business can become stagnant. It can go into a limbo state with nothing interesting to gloat about. Innovation is an...

Key Challenges: Government Innovation

Key Challenges: Government Innovation

If we are getting specifics, let me mention that last month, the leaders in the public sector of innovation actually gather to discuss the many ways of crowdsourcing all the new solutions to long-standing problems. In this guide, I will be talking all about government...

Some Amazing Ideas For A Smart City

Some Amazing Ideas For A Smart City

Did you know that by the year 2050, the population of the world will have crossed 10 billion? This fact is something that definitely sends shivers down my spine. It also presents an unprecedented challenge that we should consider. The United Nations also estimates...

Urban Innovation Actions: Information

Urban Innovation Actions: Information

Around 359 million individuals, 72% of the entire Europe in population, live in city's, suburbs and towns. The open areas actually face a lot of multiple and interconnected challenges which is completely related to employment, demography, migration, soil and water...