Municipality of Catania, IT

The City of Catania is an Italian town, a metropolitan area in the Eastern side of the island Sicily, which lies down between the Ionian Sea and the Volcano Etna, with an amazing landscape and a very good climate, which allows to have experience of nature in a whole dimension.

The roots of the town are very ancient (Catania was founded by Greeks in 734 b.C.) and there are very impressive signs of different civilizations which superimpose their cultures and lifestyles upon the town. Earthquakes and seismic events shaked the morphology of the city, and great part of the early architectures are no more effective today, even if this asset holds in itself heritage of Latin-Greek architecture (the amphitheatre), of the Middle Age (the Norman Castle and the Cathedral), and of the Baroque of the reconstruction after the great earthquake of 1693 (which are recognized by Unesco).

Catania is a conurbate system whose aim is to transform itself from a chaotic conglomerate of buildings which have the tendency to collapse on the historical center, towards a modern metropolitan system with a plural dimension of interest centers.

This challenge is very important for the future of the town, because the present asset gives a formal dimension of less than 300,000 inhabitants, while the real impact of the conurbate system gives more than 700.000 city users that day by day needs for the city services.

From the Catania point of view (that, we believe, may be considered as a paradigm of a Southern Europe metropolitan area) to innovate means to look after each solution that can be able to implement policies adequate to the general aim to transform the conurbate area in a modern metropolitan system.

Because of the reason of the geological evidence, for this territorial context that lies down between a big volcano and the sea, it is very important to implement system which improve security in the mobility process, and preserve a general equilibrium between nature and technology.


Mrs Mariagiovanna Laudani
Municipality of Catania

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