27 Sep 2012 | Activities

Phase 1: IDENTIFY GOOD PRACTICES (Jan-12 to Jun-12)

Draft methodology on overall regional/local innovation performance with state of art questionnaire,collect data, assemble a good practice list by theme to be peer-reviewed by Thematic Groups; hold local/regional stakeholder forum (in own-language). …
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27 Sep 2012 | Main Objectives

  • To define a common approach for regional/local innovation policies that enables regional/local decision-makers to implement an efficient innovation policy for growth in terms of planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • To examine good practices on themes: Innovative financial instruments, Public procurement and innovation, Publicly owned enterprises and innovation, Civil society inclusion in public innovation, and define local/regional blind-spots (horizontal topic – unequal distribution of opportunities within the region) to be translated into policy recommendations.

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27 Sep 2012 | Aims of the project

The Complex challenges innovative cities project main objective is to improve regional innovation policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and increasing collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders.

17 Sep 2012 | About CCIC project


Most surveys and analyses in EU are focused on innovation performance of private sector,while innovations in public sector remain largerly understudied and thus unknown. The simplest definition CCIC will use is ‘public sector innovation is about new ideas that work at creating public value’. In terms of innovation, regions and municipalities have a crucial lead-role. Thus, CCIC aims to increase the levels of innovation in 13 diverse partner-regions. By exchanging good practices they will address a set of interlinked challenges faced by all public authorities and related to innovation in public sector as: …
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