In this guide, I will be talking about why the government and the public service should innovate. It is definitely possible for innovation to happen. Is it an oxymoron? We need to innovate in the public sector is definitely an obvious one. You need to innovate because you have to say ahead of the competition, but, sometimes it is imperative that you get the innovation done. You need to be so innovative that you blow the competition out of the water. It is not exactly very clear for the public sector. In this guide, I will answer a few questions that you may be having along with some additional information as to why the government and the public service sector has to continue innovating.

Innovation is certainly something of growing importance for everybody. Innovation is something that gets us interested. It is of huge importance for the public service sector and the government. It is also necessary for organisations all across the world. If we are talking about the environmental, political, social and technological factors, innovation is necessary to stay relevant and to stay the same is definitely not an option, because we live in a fast-paced world. Everyone is coming up with a new thing, and if you want to keep up, you will have to innovate.


Social problems are actually getting more complex and wicked; they are becoming multiple in nature as well. They are becoming interconnected within the many levels as well. If you think about climate change, for example, it has become something that all nations have to tackle. Every single nation in the world needs to take climate change seriously and tackle it. Society is changing in so many ways. Globalisation is definitely driving migration from all across the planet, and it means that our populations are shifting and changing as well. If we are talking about Western Europeans places, the population is not as much compared to the Asian population. We need to think about healthcare costs and economic growth, as well. We need to keep in mind about exponential technology and data growth and also the fact that it has changed every single aspect of our lives. Almost 93% of consumers on a smartphone and that particular smartphone has access to the internet. Technology has proven to grow every single day, and it accelerates faster than ever. It also has a tremendous impact on our lives.


Since so much innovation is happening out there in the world, it presents a considerable opportunity to hugely advanced public services. If public services do not innovate to stay ahead of these changes, it also misses out on a lot of opportunities, and it ends are facing major risks and some even more significant challenges.