Local Development Agency of Sabadell, ES

Sabadell is a city located 20km north west of Barcelona and has a population of 207.645 inhabitants. Sabadell has a major influence in its area, The Valles Occidental county, which is one of the most powerful counties in Catalonia in economic and population terms. The city has experienced a decline in traditional manufacturing industry (particularly textiles) with a rise in the services sector in the last years. Its industry has traditionally been characterized by its capability of readapt to new economic contexts

which has brought not few of our companies to reorientate its business to new and more thriving areas.

Also, it has to be taken into account the potential research actives in the area. Many universities , technological centers and research groups together with technological parks and equipments (synchrotron) cope the attention of technological and research forums.

Sabadell acts as a leader in a wide range of projects and has lead different policies in the territory (ie. On going Innovation Plan). At regional level, collaboration with the Managing Authority represented by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia government) will contribute to influence regional policies. Sabadell is very interested in participating in the CCIC project as is a very unique opportunity to compare different innovation policies with other regions .

Sabadell will be represented by the Local Development Agency (LDA) in the CCIC project, which is a publicly owned company with a budget 100% public coming from the Municipality of Sabadell. It aims to enhance competitiveness and innovation in its area at all levels to contribute to the development of a knowledge based economy. The Local Development Agency acts as a facilitator putting together all stakeholders participating in the innovation chain (administration-industry-research centers-universities and civil society) through different projects and agreements.

Gerard Mayol

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