Lazio Region, IT

In recent years Lazio Regional Authority(LRA) carried out multiple initiatives and introduced new innovative economic and financial instruments and processes in order to give to territorial actors the possibility to access funding opportunities and to improve and promote innovation in all sectors. Some of these practices will be part of LRA’s contribution in the knowledge and methodology transfer phase of the CCIC project and partnership. CCIC wide geographical EU coverage is a stimulating factor to compare critical aspects, achieved results and problem solving processes both in similar and different baseline conditions.Some examples of instruments set in place by LRA speciffically for public finance innovation are: 4 calls for proposals published in 2011, still open, under the Axis1 (Innovation) of the regional ERDF fund for SMEs, universities and research centres; one call for proposal for financial engineering and capital venture.

Urban Integrated Development for 29 cities for the territory; Revolving Fund for SMEs. Hereafter some examples of support in economic development and training on EU direct funds opportunities for territorial actors:Bic Lazio’s(regional agency) activities as enterprise incubator especially for the hi-tech sector (the Lazio Region Technology Pole would be a site for study visits) and for its activity in the Enterprise Europe Network, in the development of public guides on EU direct funding, available also on-line and in the following: enterprise start-up with Business Angels, Green Public Procurement, participation of enterprises in EuropeAid calls. An extensive territorial free training courses programme on EU direct funds and project management, set up by the Direction for Economic Planning, Research and Innovation of LRA, addressed to civil cervants of local authorities and the subsequent support in building eligible project proposals.


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