Eindhoven Municipality, NL

As knowledge based city, Eindhoven focuses on creating support structures in innovation, in the labour market, and in the field of technology and business development. Responding to the economic crisis in the mid-nineties, the city initiated the HORIZON Programme, establishing in 2005 the Brainport Foundation: a Triple Helix structure involving the industry, knowledge institutes and the government. In 2011, through the ‘Brainport 2020 Strategy’, Eindhoven takes the triple helix cooperation further, linking closer to EU strategic objectives to strengthen its position as a leading knowledge based economy.

The city has a track record in governance and innovative project development. As the largest local authority in the region and centre of innovation in the Netherlands, it has important capacities to influence economic development and innovation policies. This is the good practice Eindhoven wishes to bring to the CCIC project: the way it has established successful Triple Helix cooperation – an innovative way of working within the local public organisation.

In 2011 Eindhoven was confronted in a harsh way with the consequences of the economic and financial crisis. At the same time, the city continues to harbour high ambitions as a global top technology region. In 2012 the effects will lead to severe budget cuts, many redundancies and a mounting challenge, coming from the central government, to deliver more services with less financial means. Never before has the pressure in Eindhoven to innovate in the public sector been higher.

The city, therefore, wishes to learn from other project partners on new and effective approaches to organising the local authority to address these unprecedented challenges. An example of such new approach is the growing interest in innovative public procurement policies – getting closer to the core organization: “working in the city, for the city”. The ongoing crisis has made it more important to obtain quick and successful results. That’s the reason Eindhoven wishes to look to other partners and the ways they deliver high service levels in changing circumstances.


Anthony van de Ven
Eindhoven Municipality

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The Netherlands

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