City of Warsaw, PL

The strategic and operational goals of the City are specified in the “Development Strategy for the City of Warsaw until 2020”. The 4th Strategic Objective says that the City of Warsaw goal is to develop modern economy based on knowledge and scientific research. Fuhermore, the 4.3 Operational Objective elaborates on creation of favourable conditions for business and investment. Moreover City of Warsaw is just creating Entrepreneurship Center: Smolna 6 that main aim will be increasing innovation in Mazovia region (cofinanced by ERDF). Smolna 6 will be good example that public authorities can stimulate and support development of innovation. For Warsaw cooperation within INTERREG IVC projects brings a lot of benefits from the process of sharing experiences and good practices among European partners. International cooperation in the field of INTERREG IV C has many different fields. Various projects show the most effective  solutions in some new fields like innovation and entrepreneurship.

So it is a great opportunity to learn and to practice triple helix (business, science, local authorities) way of building the strategic aims of Europe 2020.

Public procurement procedures, improvement of the city administration functioning is one of the most important aim of the Warsaw City Hall that will enable to be efficient, effective and provide high quality public services. For this reason involvement in the CCIC project would be very valuable for the city. CCIC focuses at 5 critical field: innovative financial instruments, public procurement and innovation, publicly owned enterprises and innovation, civil society inclusion in public innovation and local/regional blind spots.  They are key development point for the City of Warsaw. For the City of Warsaw participation in CCIC will be a great chance of develop skills in these fields.

CCIC will be coordinated by the Economy Development Unit (European Funds and Economic Development Department) with a content-wise support of the Centre for Social Communication and Public Procurement Department.

Aleksandra Słoniec
City of Warsaw

Pl. Bankowy 3/5
Warszawa, 00-950