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Aberdeen City Council (ACC) has made a commitment to enhance the role and status of Community Councillors, to encourage more people to become involved and establish Community Councils in areas without one.They are elected to represent a particular area and to be a bridge between that community and the City Council and other public authorities. Economic Promotion & City Events Department is currently divided into 3 key areas:Economic Promotion – The marketing and promotion of Aberdeen’s image locally, nationally and internationally, for the purpose of growing the economy. Regional Identity – Development and delivery of the Aberdeen City and Shire regional identity brand. City Events – Development, management and delivery of the city’s festivals and events programme. ACC deliver services and define the policies that drive these at a local level based on regional and national priorities.  Local priorities are agreed through the Strategic Outcome Agreement with the Scottish Government.

ACC has had a long interest in innovation, S&T for the development of the economy, communities and public services. Aberdeen as the European centre for the offshore energy industry has long exhibited a lead in the use of innovation, S&T within academia and the  private sector. ACC is responsible for the Single Outcome Agreements that define the targets for the city social and economic development. It has identified ICTs and Knowledge Economy as areas of strength within local economy. It is actively developing in conjunction with academia, private and public sector partners an inclusive strategy to encourage smarter adoption and dissemination of Innovation ideas as practices to be piloted initially within the Digital Sector. ACC has an active programme of public open data release to encourage better use of this resource by third parties. ACC hope to leverage this engagement to deliver efficiencies in public services through adoption of improved data asset management and visualisation.

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