27 Sep 2012 | Management and Coordination

Sofia Municipality will be overall responsible for effective and efficient management of project implementation and monitoring to best achieve the expected outputs and results. As lead partner(LP) Sofia Municipality will be in charge for the overall management of the project which include: PPs tasks division, ensurancing that they are subsequentlly fulfilled,coordination activities and communication among them, managing relations between PPs and JTS/MA, supervising technical and methodological issues,collecting progress documentation, verifying the delivery of results and their quality, monitoring activities. LP will be operatively and technically assisted in its activities by Technical Secretariat (TS)-an experienced international expert in EU project implementation, subcontracted under public procurement procedure. As …
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27 Sep 2012 | Communication and Dissemination

Component2 activities are meant to ensure sustainability of project results and their wider dissemination at both EU and programme levels, as well as to guarantee permanent visibility of CCIC actions and valorization of achieved results. Another major task is to improve the understanding and benefits of innovation in public sector both among pubic administrations and within society at large, thus improving acceptance of innovative public services in the 4 thematic areas of CCIC.To ensure professional implementation of C&D activities project will have a communication manager and a communication team, nominated by PP11, in charge of CP2. External C&D experts will assist in this activities. Communication …
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27 Sep 2012 | Exchange of Experience

Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices

In most advanced Western nations the public sector employs on average around 20% of the population and produces around 15% of the country’s material goods every year. A study of public sector innovation requires an understanding of the relationship between public sector performance and the overall performance of the economy. This represents a new perspective on the role of the public sector in economy, which sees it as an integrated part and an important element of the functional development of the economy. Innovation literature is directed at understanding and establishing a consistent and general basis for understanding the main processes underlying social and economic change in modern …
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