Regional implementation plans

The CCIC main objective is to improve regional innovation policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and increasing collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders. As part of the overall objective of working on this project all CCIC partners were required to create a Regional Implementation Plan (RIP) based on a best practice or combination of best practices that could be transferred directly to their own city/region.

The RIPs for Innovation will specify how each city / region integrates the lessons learnt from the cooperation into its local / regional policy by focusing on innovative instruments at partner level.

These RIPs are a major output of the CCIC Project: because partners work on it during the project period as well as after the deadline of the project, it guarantees that the exchanged information (the best practices) are implemented and used in the other regions.

Some noteworthy RIPs during the CCIC project are those from Tartu (Estonia), Genoa (Italy), and Gävle (Sweden). A summary of these RIPs can be found as separate articles.