Overview of the RIPs from all CCIC partners

news_6All the RIPs will be presented on the CCIC website soon (www.ccic-project.eu). If you would like to know more about the specifics of a RIP, please contact the responsible partner. The contact details of each partner are also published on the website (under the header Partners).


  • City of Jyväskylä (FI): Smart City Roadmap
  • Aberdeen City Council (UK): Innovation Plan
  • Lazio Region (IT): EU Voucher System
  • Economic Development Agency of Sabadell (ES): Developing the smart economy in Sabadell
  • Birmingham City Council (UK): Digital Neighbourhood
  • City of Warsaw (PL): Cooperation Space for Innovation in Warsaw
  • Gävle Municipality (SE): Science Parks as nodes for innovation
  • Eindhoven Municipality (NL): Towards becoming a Smart City
  • Tartu Science Park (EE): Tartu and South-Estonia smart specialisation strategy -Regional implementation plan based on Brainport Development
  • Genoa Municipality (IT): Municipal Insurances
  • Municipality of Catania (IT): Regional Implementation Plan for stimulating the economic development of the city of Catania
  • Harghita County Council (RO): Sustainable Public Buildings in Harghita County
  • Sofia Municipality (BG): E-procurement system

The whole experience of learning from other Cities across Europe has been valuable as many of us face the same challenges.  This type of project is very informative and helps everyone to learn from each other and not keep re-inventing wheels and making the same mistakes.   Many friendships have been made which will enable collaboration on many projects in the future.