Gävle: science parks as nodes for innovation

NL6_8The Technology Park of Gävle, Sweden, was established in 2002 and is today home to around 100 SMEs, a world leading GIS cluster (Future Position X) and the regional business incubator, Movexum.

In order to reach the vision of being “a dynamic, international meeting point for businesses, academy and society”, content and services offered need to be developed and coordinated with the regional innovation system. Together with Sandbacka Park (Sandviken) and Faxe Park (Söderhamn), Gävle is looking into the possibilities of closer cooperation in order to contribute to renewal, local/regional growth and attractiveness.

A joint objective is to establish Gävle and the Gävleborg region as active participants in the European innovation system. The existing regional innovation strategy presents the innovation ecosystem, but there is a need for increased focus and anchoring among stakeholders. Better coordination of the regional innovation system will result in higher efficiency of the support given to innovative companies in Gävle and the region.

By linking the local and regional work to the CCIC-project, incorporating lessons learned from the CCIC partners (in particular the innovation ecosystem of Eindhoven/Brainport) we take the next step in the development of our science parks as nodes for innovation, integrated in the regional innovation system.

A feasibility study and a pilot project have been implemented during 2014 and will feed into future actions and an implementation process, starting in January 2015.