Open innovation encouraged by the public sector – Deep delegation – Eindhoven (NL)

news_9On the 13th and 14th of May a CCIC Deep Delegation visited the city of Eindhoven. The delegation consisted of the CCIC partners from Birmingham, Warsaw, Lazio and Gävle, who studied in-depth the cases about “Smart Care”, “EU Voucher Systems” and the “Brainport Foundation”.

During these two days, three Deep Delegation sessions took place, organised in such way as to make the sessions most effective for the visiting partners. The experts did not just present their experiences and good practices, but lively discussions were encouraged. That way, the CCIC visitors had the chance to ask thorough questions and were able to really understand and learn from these best practices and bring back valuable and useful information to their cities and regions.

Birmingham visited Eindhoven for a Deep Delegation of the “Smart Care” project. This project about Smart Health is connecting existing ICT tools with social services. A practical example is an app which is made to connect the elderly to each other, and thereby enhance the social connection between them. It allows the elderly to check up on each other and make sure they are alright. Coming to such an app takes cooperation between local government, housing companies and a good local initiative. The session turned out to be a great success! The partners from Birmingham and the experts from Eindhoven were all very enthusiastic and discussed possible future collaborations or contacts.

Other Deep Delegations covered the “EU Voucher Systems” and the “Brainport Foundation” good practices.

The EU Voucher System stimulates innovation and new business development by creating better access for SMEs to public and private research facilities across Europe. By linking European clusters, SMEs get access to a far wider range of research facilities than is currently available at a regional level, broadening their competence network and their possibilities for finding the right solution for their innovation questions.

The partners from Lazio Region spent two hours with the expert of the “EU Voucher Systems”, to get some in-depth inside information on how to implement such a system in their region.

The case of the economic development organisation ‘Brainport’ in particular attracted the interest of a lot of partners.  Brainport is the designation of a region characterised by high knowledge intensity, a brand and a means of collaboration between so called triple helix partners (Academia, industry and government). Brainport is a working method.  Brainport distinguishes itself with its unique open innovation system that results from collaboration, exchange of knowledge and close proximity. The model of collaboration is built on trust, leadership, scale and focus. This collaboration is organised via Brainport Foundation.

After a presentation about the basics of this triple helix cooperation, the way it came into existence, the success factors, but also lessons learned, it was time for the individual sessions. Each of the partners had time to put specific questions to the Brainport experts and get some valuable information/feedback that they needed in order to get to know how such a model could be implemented in their own regions.

The two-day visit concluded with a presentation about the High Tech Campus, followed by a short guided tour. This side visit showed how the triple helix cooperation and the crisis of Philips (almost) leaving the Eindhoven region, lead to the world’s smartest square kilometre.