Exchange of Experience

Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices

In most advanced Western nations the public sector employs on average around 20% of the population and produces around 15% of the country’s material goods every year. A study of public sector innovation requires an understanding of the relationship between public sector performance and the overall performance of the economy. This represents a new perspective on the role of the public sector in economy, which sees it as an integrated part and an important element of the functional development of the economy. Innovation literature is directed at understanding and establishing a consistent and general basis for understanding the main processes underlying social and economic change in modern economies. It is something of a paradox that innovation literature has almost completely neglected studies of innovation in the public sector. The proposed approach will aid the understanding of public sector innovation and lay the grounds for successful transfer of good practices into the regions.

The methodological framework encompasses both quantitative (a questionnaire-based survey) and qualitative methods (desk research to identify good practices and thematic groups). The object under scruting in CP3 is the participating cities/regions plus 6 cities/regions from the EU innovation leaders /Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway and Ireland/. 4 thematic groups will be conducted, each one focused on one of the 4 main areas of CCIC – innovative financial instruments, public procurement, publicly owned enterprises, civil society inclusion in public innovation. All will discuss the horizontal 5th area – innovation in regional blind-spots. 2 fact sheets/templates will be produced for CP3 – 1 general + 1 for presenting good practices in the regions. The thematic groups will identify the gaps which will have to be addressed through transfer of good practices, and the outcomes of their work will be the basis for drafting a policy report with recommendations.

Planned activities

In studying public sector innovation focus will be put on the role of public sector for other sectors of economy and on specific characteristics of change in public sector.Implementation will commence with a questionnaire-based survey of 10 stakeholders and policy-makers in each city/region.State of Art Report on Public Sector Innovation will be produced and it will be discussed on 13 local meetings.After the identification and finalisation of the portfolio of GPs,the partners will participate in SVs and DDs to understand how some of the GPs have worked in a similar environment.There will be a transferability guide, while each participating city/region will produce its RIP,followed by 13 local meeting with key policy decisionmakers and stakeholders. As part of the RIP, each PP will develop conceptualized pilot project for at least one GP from the 4 thematic areas to be implemented after end of the project, to increase its added value and insure CCIC sustainability.