Harghita County Council, RO

Harghita County Council has implemented a FIDIBE project on fostering innovation and TEAM project in administrative capacity building. HCC has a significant experience in project implementation and cooperation with local actors.It’s two main activity groups are general public administration issues and territorial development programs.In both there is a strong need for innovative solutions and reform of processes. HCC has already made steps in fostering cooperation b/n local authorities(67 LAs are coordinated by the County Council),private and civil actors,whose experience could be capitalized in CCIC. The main expectations are to learn new methodologies in innovation development,to provide solutions for other LAs in Harghita county in public administration and innovation with local context.HCCs interest in CCIC is based on the character of local society and economy,as the county is characterized by family owned SMEs and weak civil sector,both to be improved by a strong public engagement.

The HCC is planning to elaborate a financial tool for start-up SMEs in the field of agro-innovation and green economy with the collaboration of local banks and credit organizations.The HCC is a public organization and open to reform the public procurement processes in order to stimulate the innovation transfer. The transfer of such methods are welcomed. The HCC has established some enterprises to implement some of the activities in public interest. These enterprises are responsible for the management of the planned incubation program and the business park. The Harghita County Council is responsible for the socio-economic development of the county, and performs its innovation encouraging activity in a strong connection with local SMEs and associations of SMEs.