Gävle Municipality, SE

Municipality of Gävle long term Vision 2025 stipulates 5 priority themes of which one is: stimulate competence,innovation and entrepreneurship.Gävle is engaged in many innovation activities and work in collaboration with Gävleborg Regional Development Council.Together, and with help from Interreg IVC project CLIQ, we have developed regional innovation strategy which aims at positioning Gävle and the region as an innovative city and region to improve efficiency of innovation system. Gävle and Gävleborg have a well-functioning innovation system, based on a holistic perspective and user-driven innovation that connect academy (Gävle University along with research institutes), innovative private sector enterprises and public sector.One of the major challenges for the region is to increase the role of the public sector as driver of innovation.The aim is to develop quality and efficiency in public administration,and apply public procurement as a driver of innovation and business development.

Gävle region is one of 7 co-founders of the National Swedish Network for Public Procurement and plays a key role in the national Swedish public innovation procurement programme. It has been granted the largest national project concerning public innovation procurement,funded by the governmental agency for innovation VINNOVA and other regional authorities.A smaller project “Ungovation” aims at attracting young entrepreneurs as contractors in public innovation procurement. In this context the CCIC is very important, adding European dimension and possibility to collaborate with and learning from other EU cities and regions. Local, regional, national and transnational projects are interconnected and will be able to provide input to each other. The topics CCIC project addresses coincide with the topics of the agenda of economic development in Gävle and the region. Collaboration and benchmarking with European partner cities and regions will enable to upgrade our knowlege and capacity.
Annika Lundqvist
Gävle Municipality

Kyrkogatan 22
Gävle, 80311