Innovation in the public sector in the Lazio region (Italy)

On the 25th and 26th of November 2013, the CCIC partners went to Rome for a study visit organized by the Lazio Region. Good practices on the 4 major themes of the CCIC project were presented.

LAZIO_3_N7The presentations during this the study visit, were presented by several different organizations, among others by the Lazio Region, by BIC Lazio, the Business Innovation Centre, and by Filas, the Regional Development Agency of the Lazio Region, whose mission is to guide the economy of Lazio and to promote development and innovation, especially through the adoption of new technologies.
Some examples of the cases that were presented during the first day are:
“People on the move” crowd sourcing, which is part of the Living Labs Global Award 2012, represents the first step towards the creation of the new technological district dedicated to the digital and creative industries of the Lazio Region. The aim is to provide urban traveler entertainment that puts together digital technology and creativity. The instrument used is the crowd sourcing, a new frontier for the creative industries that wish to develop new business ideas.
Filas FAME Award is an award that has been created to give a “financial booster” in favour of the creative industries, with the aim to mobilize financial recourses (public and private) to study the development of a new pan-European fund for creative industries and to define mechanisms for cross-investments between countries and European companies.
ESA BIC Programme is part of the European Space Agency’s Technology Transfer Programme, aiming to facilitate the use of space technology, systems and know-how for non-space applications. ESA seeks entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for using space technologies, applications and services in a non-space environment.
In the afternoon, a field trip to the European Space Agency (ESA) in Frascati was organized, as a good example on the theme of Publicly Owned Enterprises. There they showed us how ESA’s Earth Observation Programme works, how Disaster Management is organized with the International Charter (a satellite used for Major disasters such as earthquakes, floods and volcano eruptions). Especially interesting for cities’ representatives, was to see how the daily urban system is managed by using satellites, to see, for example, where the traffic measures lack.
On the second day of the study visit more good practices were presented:
• In the field of Innovative Financial Instruments two examples were shown: Capitalization of SMEs and Energy to SMEs, both presented by Sviluppo Lazio. The aim of these projects is to promote SMEs in the Lazio Region.
Sustainable public buildings is an example linked to the theme of Innovative Public Procurement, focused on improving interventions for the dissemination and development of renewable energy sources.
CCIC partners that wish to learn more about some specific good practices that were presented during this study visit, get the chance to visit the beautiful city of Rome again for a Deep Delegation visit, where they will get more in-depth information.