Public Procurement and Innovation – TG Meeting in Warsaw, Poland

3_polandOn the 12th and 13th of February 2013 the Thematic Group (TG) meeting on Public Procurement and Innovation, and the fourth Steering Committee (SC) meeting took place in Warsaw, Poland.
The first part of the meeting consisted of the SC meeting, where issues like what has been achieved until now within the CCIC project, were discussed, and the next steps and deadlines, concerning management issues, communication and the exchange of good practices.
Furthermore, the first results of the questionnaires and interviews were presented. In the second half of 2012, questionnaires were sent out among local and regional stakeholders of the CCIC partners. Besides that, all CCIC partners had to interview 10 local or regional stakeholders concerning the issues of ‘innovation in the public sector at the local/regional level’ and ‘innovation policy’. The results of both the questionnaires and the interviews are being analysed and will be processed into a so-called ‘Analytical State-of-the-Art report’. This analysis is done by the organisation ‘Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund). ARC Fund is one of the fourteen CCIC partners, which focuses most of all on the scientific side of innovation in the public sector. The final report will be completed in the coming months and will serve to get a better understanding of the strong and weak points of the participating cities and regions in the field of innovation in the public sector.
The second part of the meeting in Warsaw focused on the Thematic Group (TG) on Public Procurement and Innovation. All partners got the chance to present their good practices on this topic and to discuss it with the rest of the consortium. The CCIC partners presented the following

  1. Directive 2004/17/ECc and 2004/18/EC Implementation Results (Lazio Region – IT)
  2. New Proposal For a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Public Procurement (Lazio Region – IT)
  3. Innovation Partnership (Lazio Region – IT)
  4. Innovative Public Procurement: ICT Industry View (City of Warsaw – PT)
  5. The Appointing of the Working Party on Innovative Procurements in the city of Warsaw (City of Warsaw – PT)
  6. Lazio Region Health Care Centralized Procurement and Centralized Payment System (Lazio Region – IT)
  7. Inclusion in municipality procurement procedures and contracts of clauses respecting social, labour, environmental, equal opportunities, training and energy efficiency conditions (Sabadell Municipality – ES)
  8. DBFMO contract – Campus International School Eindhoven (ISE) (City of Eindhoven – NL)
  9. Huhtasuo School and Daycare Centre – Life cycle model (City of Jyväskylä – FI)
  10. The Delivery of Community Benefits through the use of Public Contracts (Aberdeen Municipality – UK)
  11. E-Procurement Estonia (Tartu Science Park – EE)
  12. Single Contracting Station (Genoa Municipality – IT)
  13. Innovation Procurement X (Municipality of Gävle – Sweden)
  14. Birmingham Energy Savers (Birmingham City Council – UK)
  15. Green Sofia Project – Green Identity of Pernik Municipality – Sustainable Policy Making in Mezdra (Municipality of Sofia – BG)

Also, two cases from non-CCIC partners were presented. One from the Brussels Capital Region, called “Green Public Procurement-Belgium”, and one from Aarhus and Odens (Denmark), called “Partnership for Green Public Procurement in Copenhagen”.

More information on each of the above mentioned cases can be found in the TG meeting report, which has been published on the CCIC website. Please click on the following link to get to the report: