An Open Innovation Eco-System – Study Visit in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

3_eindhovenOn the 23rd and 24th of April 2013 a CCIC Study Visit took place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Eindhoven project partners gathered the experts of the good practices which they introduced in the CCIC project, for them to present the cases in more detail for the attending CCIC partners. Around 25 people from 9 different countries attended the Study Visit in order to get a better idea of what Eindhoven has to offer in the field of innovation in the public sector.
The following cases were presented in Eindhoven:

  1. The Brainport Foundation: Triple Helix cooperation – Innovation ecosystem.
  2. Smart Care: Co-creation with the citizens.
  3. An open innovation and bottom-up platform. The case presented was on the work of Mindhoven concerning the re-socialisation of former homeless people.
  4. The EU Voucher system: an innovative transnational facility-sharing infrastructure.

The purpose of sharing the details on each of these practices is to help CCIC partners to learn from each other and to facilitate the transfer of (parts of) the good practices from one city or region to another. That is also a reason why the visiting partners not only listened, but also actively discussed a lot about the possibilities, the successes, the difficulties and the learning processes of the cases. In order to stimulate these discussions, the Eindhoven team sent the visiting partners, some weeks before the Study Visit, a short questionnaire to be filled in by each of them, with questions on the transferability of each of the good practices that were planned to be discussed. That way the partners were prepared, and already had some background information and some questions to ask to the experts during the meeting.

Besides the presentations and discussions, there was also time for a field visit. The CCIC partners visited the ‘Andromeda flat’ in Eindhoven, a flat for the elderly, which is linked to the case presented on ‘Smart Care: Co-creation with the citizens’. Andromeda is not just a normal flat; it’s a living room for the elderly, created by the elderly of the neighbourhood. It’s a place where seniors meet to have a cup of coffee, to read the newspaper or to plan joint activities together. It’s also possible to do some sports: at certain set moments, a live online connection is made with a sports coach who does some exercises with the elderly persons through a screen. Furthermore, there are different machines at the seniors’ disposal to measure heart rate, weight and other values which are important in measuring state of health.