Focus on “Public Procurement and Innovation”

3_focusCCIC focuses on improving regional policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and increasing collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders. CCIC considers four thematic areas with respect to identifying and surveying public sector innovations, and also a fifth, which is horizontal in nature. These thematic
areas will be translated into policy recommendations at the end of the project:

      1. Innovative financial instruments;
2. Public procurement and innovation;
3. Publicly owned enterprises and innovation;
4. Civil society inclusion in public innovation;
5. Local/regional blind-spots (horizontal topic).

This third edition of the CCIC newsletter is focused on the second Thematic Group (TG) on Public Procurement and Innovation. In this newsletter we will explain what is meant by “Public Procurement and Innovation”, the questions of interest that will be discussed among the CCIC partners concerning this theme, and a showcase of some good practices of CCIC partners will be presented, in order to give you some practical examples of how public procurement and innovation is implemented in these cities or regions.