Save 23rd and 24th April for Eindhoven’s good examples

April 23, 2013
April 24, 2013

Municipality of Eindhoven will host the CCIC’s 2nd SV (23-24 April, 2013) and will showcase the region’s most acclaimed achievements in the field of public innovation. The meeting’s agenda incorporates examples coming from various thematic areas, a fact that will add up to the discussions of the consortium delegates and enrich the learning experience. The practices, which are to be closely examined by the partners include:
EU Voucher systems – special cooperation and funding programme, which enables SMEs to get better access to public and private research facilities across Europe.
DBFMO tender (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate) – ambitious public procurement model, which manages to cover and ensure the quality of an entire infrastructure project, from the design to the construction of a fully operational building and the provision of all the associated services.
Smart care project development, testing and provision of innovative services for elderly people to live longer in their own environment, while the involvement of the citizens and the target groups is ensured during each step taken.
Mindhoven platform–an initiative (started by three SMEs) whose successful projects fully advocate the benefits of the bottom-up approach while dealing with issues present in the society.
Brainport foundation – an example of sustainable triple-helix cooperation, which generates conducive innovation conditions for both international business and local SMEs.

The event’s agenda can be found here.