Meeting in Gävle, Sweden – The First Thematic Group Meeting on Innovative Financial Instruments

MEETING_IN_G_VLE_2.3From the 2nd until the 4th of October 2012 the third CCIC project meeting took place in Gävle, Sweden. During this two-day’s meeting the third Steering Committee (SC) meeting took place, together with the first Thematic Work Group (TG) meeting, focusing on Innovative Financial Instruments (FIs).During the SC meeting three components of the project were discussed:

  1. Component 1: Management, led by the municipality of Sofia;
  2. Component 2: Communication and Dissemination, led by the city of Eindhoven;
  3. Component 3: Exchange of good practices, led by the city of Jyväskylä.

An overview of what had been done until then and what was expected in the following months was presented by the component leaders.

The biggest part of the meeting focused on the First TG in the area of Innovative Financial Instruments. All the partners got the chance to present their good practices in the field of FIs and to further discuss it with the other partners.

Furthermore, a number of experts from Gävle had been invited to present Gävle’s good practices on FIs more in detail. The following examples were presented by the experts:

  1. Municipal insurance company;
  2. The use of Jeremy in the creation of a regional risk capital fund;
  3. Mapping of funding for innovation in the region and the plan for the future.

After these successful and intensive meetings the partners went home with a lot of information to bring back to their local experts to further discuss the FIs of the other partners and to study which good practices could be interesting to get more in-depth information about.