Innovative Financial Instruments in the Lazio Region, Italy

Lazio_2.6Hereunder follow some more examples of good practices on Innovative Financial Instruments from the Italian region of Lazio:

  1. SME Capitalisation Fund

This case focuses on the setting up of a Fund and a group of projects in order to support the capitalisation of enterprises to favour the access to loan capital market for micro companies and SMEs in the Lazio Region.

  1. Warranty Fund “Aid to SMEs involved in urban and local development plans”

This Warranty Fund aims to support the investment for project implementation of SMEs which are involved in urban and local development plans, by providing public warranties safeguarding banking loans.

  1. Venture Capital Fund

This case called the ‘Venture Capital Fund’ focuses on establishing a Fund in order to strengthen the development of the Venture Capital market for early stage capital and for the expansion of capital of SMEs in the Lazio Region.