Focus: Birmingham’s Profile on Innovative Financial Instruments – Case: Business Transformation

BUSINESS_TRANSFORMATION_2.5Birmingham City Council’s Business Transformation programme was launched in 2006 as an unprecedented 10 year plan to transform its business processes. The programme was built around three main goals:

  1. Increasing quality of services for customers;
  2. Improving process efficiencies;
  3. Increasing job satisfaction for employees.

The council needed to fundamentally change the way it went about its business in order to deliver a forecast of over £1bn of cashable savings, in times of economic recession and increasing budget constraints.

Programme benefits, which are already being reached, for example:

  1. Citizens have more choice of channels;
  2. Customer service improvements (e.g. calls get answered!);
  3. Improved working environment for many employees;
  4. Agile working is making employees more productive;
  5. 95% invoices paid to term;
  6. On contract compliance increased.