CCIC and its Thematic Groups

Innovative_lamp_160x125px_2.1CCIC focuses on improving regional policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and increasing collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders. CCIC considers four thematic areas with respect to identifying and surveying public sector innovations, and also a fifth, which is horizontal in nature. These thematic areas will be translated into policy recommendations at the end of the project:

  1. Innovative financial instruments;
  2. Public procurement and innovation;>
  3. Publicly owned enterprises and innovation;
  4. Civil society inclusion in public innovation;
  5. Local/regional blind-spots (horizontal topic).

The first four reflect complex public sector challenges faced by all public authorities, and related to innovation, while the fifth provides for an integrative perspective but stems from a peculiar deficiency in innovation diffusion. On a regional level it results in geographically distinct regions where innovation is stifled and opportunities are disproportionately distributed.

The thematic areas are used to channel the discussions of identified innovation-related practices. Those theme-centered discussions will significantly ease policy planning with respect to addressing challenges in those areas. There have been offered some questions among the CCIC partners which represent a guiding framework for partners to navigate and focus their inquiry into public sector innovation.

Groups may wish to explore if there are any multiplying effects present, for example – if an innovative financial instrument has an added positive impact on civil society inclusion in innovation. These groups are encouraged to identify and describe such multiplying effects, whether positive or negative.

Each Thematic Group (TG) has a TG leader (one of the CCIC partners) who will give input and lead the TG discussion.  In each newsletter we will focus on one of the themes, and by the end of the project we will have been able to present to you in detail the first 4 themes mentioned above.