The CCIC Methodology

A very important part of the CCIC project is the methodology, focussing specifically on the partners’ experiences in the five themes of CCIC:
-    Innovative financial instrument;
-    Public procurement and innovation;-    Publicly owned enterprises and innovation;
-    Civil society inclusion in public innovation;
-    Local/regional blind spots (horizontal theme)

The CCIC project will target the project’s objectives through the transfer of good practices. These good practices have been identified and collected in the past months.  Guidelines on how the CCIC activities will be implemented are developed by ARC Fund in cooperation with the CCIC partners. These guidelines are put together into a single document, representing the methodology of work within the project.

The methodology serves the following purposes:

It presents a basic review of scholarly and practitioners’ sources on innovation in the public sector, including and discussing briefly commonly used concepts and paradigms of innovation. Based on that, it establishes a common theoretical framework applicable to all partners’ contexts for the understanding of innovation in and by the public sector.

It further feeds into setting the grounds for the elaboration of a model of public sector innovation, and explore all contingencies and supporting factors in the adoption of this model by each project partner.
The methodology enables each partner to identify those opportunities and contingencies on which to base its further innovation planning and development.

The methodology also bridges the inquiry into public sector innovation by using the specific instruments provided in the CCIC project. These instruments include an online questionnaire, semi-structured stakeholder interviews, study groups, deep delegations, and thematic groups.
Summarizing, the methodology will enable partners to learn in depth from each others strengths and weaknesses, to identify key elements to be addressed in their regional context and innovation policy implementation plans.