Stakeholder interviews

Stateh_Int_1Within the CCIC project there are some planned activities which are mainly related to component 3 of the project: “Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices”.
One of these activities consists of the so called ‘stakeholder interviews’.

Each partner should identify several stakeholders and interview 10 of them. It’s about stakeholders, who, due to their position within the public governance system, have a significant role in or ability to influence decision-making, can also be approached.

The reason these interviews take place is because the stakeholders’ input and opinion might be of particular value to the project’s objectives, or could significantly contribute to the elaboration and more informed policy design with regard to innovation adoption and diffusion.

The interviews will be focused on ‘innovation in the public sector at the local/regional level’ and ‘innovation policy’. What are the stakeholders’ opinions on the innovation policies used by the local/regional authorities? What are the benefits? These are just some examples of the questions that will be used.

The coming weeks all the stakeholder interviews reports of all the partners will be gathered and these will be analysed with critical eyes.

A comparative analysis of stakeholder interviews has the potential to reveal many strengths and opportunities of current innovation policies, and to shed light on currently existing contingencies or other factors, which generally hinder innovation planning and implementation.