Management and Coordination

CCIC Financial Guidelines support the financial team in the correct project financial accounting and guarantee a clear and correct application of financial procedures. At the start of the project, in a separate meeting with the financial experts of the project partners the LP FM will explain the CCIC Financial Guidelines and will conclude further working arrangements. If necessary, the financial manager organizes extra meetings but skype conferences are preferred to share financial issues.

LP FM and the project partners financial experts have to manage the budget proactively in order to ensure the project successful performance and completion.

The lead partner is obliged to request the approval of the Managing Authority in case of change in the partnership, activities, duration or budget.

The lead partner, Sofia Municipality is the leader of component 1and as such takes upon itself all coordination functions related to administrative and financial tasks. All partners have to participate actively in the project management and have to appoint project managers reponsible for the proper follow up of the project and local/ regional experts for the coordination of content activities.They all will be subject to project guildlines for study visits, deep delegations, implementation plan workshops, thematic meetings, stakeholder recruitment and for local/regional dissemination activities.

The project leader’s role will be to fulfill the reporting requirements to the funding agency,while each partner will have to ensure the delivery of the necessary content and financial reports to the project leader. Each partner will be responsible for its own financial management and administrative tasks.

PP11 Eindhoven, as a Component 2 leader will have to ensure that all dissemination activities are been undertaken by all partners.

PP6 Jyväskylä, as a Component 3 leader will manage the actions according to agreed approach and timetable concerning the collection of the identified by all partners good practices and will prepare good practice database using the methodology developed by PP14, as well as a template for local/regional Implementation plans and best practice transferability guide.

PP14 ARCFund, with expertise in innovation policy formulation and analysis, will be responsible to develop methodology, to prepare and summarise stakeholder questionaires, to develop analytical innovation state-of-art report and guidlines for temathic groups meetings, to elaborate innovation policy recommendations.

PP3 Birmingham,Thematic group(TG)leader on theme1.Innovative financial instruments,will conduct TGM1 and prepare the report on themes 1&5 (Theme 5:Local/Regional blind-spots is a horizontal,related to all TG meetings).

PP12 Lazio Regione,Thematic group leader on theme 2. Public procurement and innovation, will conduct TGM2 and prepare the report on on themes 2&5.

PP7 Sabadell,Thematic group leader on theme 3. Publicly owned enterprises and innovation,will conduct TGM3 and prepare the report on themes 3&5.

PP2 Aberdeen,Thematic group leader on theme 4.Civil society inclusion in public sector innovation, will conduct TGM4 and prepare the report on themes 4&5.

ADVANCED project partners, hosting study visits and deep delegations: PP3 Birmingham, PP6 Jäväskylä, PP7 Sabadell, PP11 Eindhoven, PP12 Lazio Regione;

LEARNING project partners, guest visitors of study visits and deep delegations: PP2 Aberdeen, PP4 Catania, PP5 Harghita, PP8 Tartu SP, PP9 Warsaw, PP10 Genoa, PP13 Gävle.