Management and Coordination

Sofia Municipality will be overall responsible for effective and efficient management of project implementation and monitoring to best achieve the expected outputs and results. As lead partner(LP) Sofia Municipality will be in charge for the overall management of the project which include: PPs tasks division, ensurancing that they are subsequentlly fulfilled,coordination activities and communication among them, managing relations between PPs and JTS/MA, supervising technical and methodological issues,collecting progress documentation, verifying the delivery of results and their quality, monitoring activities. LP will be operatively and technically assisted in its activities by Technical Secretariat (TS)-an experienced international expert in EU project implementation, subcontracted under public procurement procedure. As LP, Sofia will have the final responsibility for quality and overall financial control as well as for all project reporting requirements as stipulated in the contract.

The technical secretariat will act as technical body in management and coordination issues,elaborating main working tools and being reference point for PPs enquires and implementation of project actions.TS together with Sofia project team will ensure all project outputs and deliverables to be achieved in time and of excellent quality.The project coordinator(PC)-the Head of ‘EU programmes and projects’ Directorate will be supported in management and coordination tasks by experienced project management team from this Directorate,the Directorate on ‘Finance’ and Economic development sectors having expertise in project coordination,communication and finance.PC and TS will also manage coordination b/n leaders of CP2 and CP3 as defined in the project.Project management will take place via regular consortium SC meetings and modern communication tools such as phone,internet, email. PPs are responsible for assisting and fully cooperating with LP in carrying out its day-to-day management duties.

Each partner will appoint a team responsible for partner’s day-to-day management and timely implementation of tasks, delivery of outputs and sending regularily information to LP. PP12 Lazio Region will appoint an External Expert for project coordination and financial management support as well. At the start of the project a project management guide as well as a communication plan will be developed for the partners’ benefit. The management guide will clarify project management guidelines and rules and can be used by the partners for solving any day-to-day management issues during the lifetime of the project. It will also be available on the inhouse part of the project website. The communication plan will contain the communication requirements for participating in the INTERREG IVC project.

Sofia Municipality as a LP will take full responsibility for the administration and financial management of the project according the rules and regulations of the grant agreement. In order to successful manage CCIC administrative and financial flows, the lead partner has already identified the Financial Manager (LP FM) -an internal employee experienced with EU and national regulations, accounting rules, public procurement regulations, ERDF projects financial management and international transactions. LP FM will be supported by the sub-contracted technical secretariat. She will be in charge of accounts, financial reporting, internal handling of ERDF fund and national co-financing, public procurement for external expertise and services.The CCIC financial management will be executed with the help of financial management guide developed for the project in order to guarantee full complience with financial rules of INTERREG IV C programme.

In day-to-day activities LP FM will manage the project’s overall accounting in compliance with these rules. The financial manager will work in close contact with the project partners and the first level controller. FM will verify PPs expenditure justifications and will be responsible for the financial reports, the ERDF payment requests and efficient ERDF transfer to the partners. To carry out these tasks each partner appoints a person responsible for the partner’s day-to-day financial management whose tasks are to implement and secure the first level control, the certification of partner progress and financial reports for each six-month period.