Main Objectives

  • To define a common approach for regional/local innovation policies that enables regional/local decision-makers to implement an efficient innovation policy for growth in terms of planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • To examine good practices on themes: Innovative financial instruments, Public procurement and innovation, Publicly owned enterprises and innovation, Civil society inclusion in public innovation, and define local/regional blind-spots (horizontal topic – unequal distribution of opportunities within the region) to be translated into policy recommendations.

  • To identify and transfer 3 good practices per region for improving knowledge transfer and innovation, leading to planned performance improvement according to EU’s “Innovation Union Scoreboard”.
  • To promote innovation support and knowledge-based transfer thru new effective public incentives for fast intelligent economic growth of the cities/ regions.To identify and develop/ transfer efficient financial instruments for innovation.
  • To secure inclusive growth thru more open innovation engaging all natural stakeholders, civil society included.
  • To adopt Regional Implementation Plans for Innovation, that fully anticipate both the new financial realities of the EU, the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and the EC’s “Innovation Union” initiative. The Regional Implementation Plans for Innovation will specify how each ‘city/region’ will integrate the lessons learnt from the cooperation into its local/regional policy by focusing on innovative instruments at ‘partner’ level.