Communication and Dissemination

Component2 activities are meant to ensure sustainability of project results and their wider dissemination at both EU and programme levels, as well as to guarantee permanent visibility of CCIC actions and valorization of achieved results. Another major task is to improve the understanding and benefits of innovation in public sector both among pubic administrations and within society at large, thus improving acceptance of innovative public services in the 4 thematic areas of CCIC.To ensure professional implementation of C&D activities project will have a communication manager and a communication team, nominated by PP11, in charge of CP2. External C&D experts will assist in this activities. Communication plan will be developed in first semester, addressing following: WHAT TO DISSEMINATE? All outcomes and results of public nature, which will be developed under the project, will be disseminated to relevant stakeholders in the EU and will be published on the projects website.TO WHOM TO DISSEMINATE? Policy-makers, decision-makers, stakeholders, NGOs and private sector and society at large. HOW TO INFORM AND INVOLVE?A diversified set of C&D tools will be used during and after the project: press-releases and press-conferences, slide template,poster; headed paper,newsletter format, flyer, events. WHEN TO DISSEMINATE?Chapter from Communication Plan will determine the scope and budget of dissemination activities and their goals. In order to effectively use the pre-existing resources of PP the dissemination strategy as a part of Communication Plan will include an inventory of their existing communication channels (mailing lists).C&D actions will be one of the core activities during the whole duration of CCIC.Dissemination activities will form an integral part of the cooperation strategy among the partnering cities/regions for the post-project period.


Will be an open software with a proven track record.Website will host all outcomes and results in easily accessible format.

The website public face will be optimised to maximise its position on major search engines as Google and Yahoo. Partner-restricted area will be realised.


It will inform outside world on project activities progress.Will be available as PDF on website and distributed by email. DISSEMINATION EVENTS -6 Press conferences during 6 SC meetings and 1 Final Conference will be held.CCIC final press conference will be disseminated thru thematic channels at EU level(web sites, networks, media).Objective is to disseminate CCIC results to key organisations and personnel. WIRE Conference will be atended.

Durability plan will be produced.

EFFECTIVENESS INDICATORS: This task will identify key indicators – project website hits/unique IP,nmb of website registered users, number of attendees to workshop/seminar,etc. Dissemination activities will be measured applying these Indicators and assessing which method has been more successful in catching public audience’s attention.