Phase 1: IDENTIFY GOOD PRACTICES (Jan-12 to Jun-12)

Draft methodology on overall regional/local innovation performance with state of art questionnaire,collect data, assemble a good practice list by theme to be peer-reviewed by Thematic Groups; hold local/regional stakeholder forum (in own-language).Phase 2: EXAMINE GOOD PRACTICES (Jul-12 to Aug-12)

Elaborate Analytical report on innovation in public sector; analyze good practice database, assess best practices. Agree study visit programme.

Phase 3: IMPORT GOOD PRACTICES (Sep-12 to Sep-13)

Undertake 6 study visits each involving 3 members from 7 partners;analyse visits outcomes to identify potential for transfer;conduct thematic group meetings;publish best practice guide.

Phase 4: ADOPT GOOD PRACTICES (Nov-13 to July-14)

All cities/regions select a good practice to be adopted; elaborate deep delegation programme;undertake 5 deep delegation visits,each involving 7 members from 3 partners; all PPs prepare RIPs and promote CCIC on WIRE 2014.

Phase 5: FINAL OUTPUTS (Sep-14 to Dec-14)

Finalize RIPs and pilot projects,publish methodology and policy recommendations,hold final conference.

OUTPUTS: 96 press releases,project brochure, 12 dissemination events, 9other events attended, 16 interregional events, 40 good practices identified, 13 pilot projects designed.

RESULTS: 13 good practices successfully transferred, 60 staff members with increased capacity, 13 local/regional policies improved, 13 RIPs to be considered by MAs for next Programming Period.