About CCIC project


Most surveys and analyses in EU are focused on innovation performance of private sector,while innovations in public sector remain largerly understudied and thus unknown. The simplest definition CCIC will use is ‘public sector innovation is about new ideas that work at creating public value’. In terms of innovation, regions and municipalities have a crucial lead-role. Thus, CCIC aims to increase the levels of innovation in 13 diverse partner-regions. By exchanging good practices they will address a set of interlinked challenges faced by all public authorities and related to innovation in public sector as: public finance for innovation, public authorities as innovators and innovation stimulators, public attitudes to innovation, public procurement to support innovation.

At policy-level CCIC will contribute by proposing recommendations to different levels of governance thru focussing on the regional dimension of:EU’s Europe 2020 strategy and EC’s “Innovation Union” flagship initiative.

Project Idea

The economic and financial crisis require public support for innovation in order to achieve sustainable development. CCIC focuses on the role of local authorities in medium-sized and big cities in driving innovation to contribute to Europe 2020 strategy goals for economic modernization and increased competitiveness. In their efforts to improve the effectiveness of the regional innovation policies all public authorities face a set of interlinked challenges like: public finance for innovation, public authorities as innovators, public attitudes to innovation, public procurement and innovation.Building on CCIC partners’ experience in public innovation support and on the good practices of other EU regions for promotion of innovation, research and technological development, the project aims to implement new ideas relating to the challenges defined in the partner regions.

Problem Background

Public sector is vast. What happens in it has major implications for the economy as a whole. Nowadays globalization, economic development and growth, as well as the global crisis urgently call for innovations in the public sector. Given the need to increase innovative activities in the face of budget deficits and the need for fiscal constraint in the public sector, the need to improve the efficiency of existing resources is clear. The financial crisis negatively hit the EU businesses’ and governments’ capacity to finance investment and innovation projects. It wiped out years of economic and social progress and exposed structural weaknesses in EU’s economy. The EU market remains fragmented and not enough innovation-friendly, the best researchers and innovators  move to countries where conditions are more favourable. CCIC objectives are rooted in EU 2020 strategic priorities, aiming at improving framework conditions and access to finance for research and innovation.