About CCIC project


To ensure that each MS tailors EU 2020 its situation,EU goals have to be integrated into national targets ensuring innovative ideas to help create growth and jobs. National&regional authorities are confronted with growing investment needs while the available public resources become more scarce.This clearly emphasizes need to use available EU funding effectively and find complementary investment sources.JESSICAandJEREMIE provide finance access in private and public sectors.Other routes for identifying public sector innovation will be also looked at-politics,bureaucracy,decentralization,publicly-owned enterprises,business,akademia,civil society.Delivering innovative solutions public sector is a pre-requisite to address EU’s grand societal challenges.While innovation studies tend to focus on private sector,public sector innovation remains difficult to define and identify.Its better understanding is thus liable to be very important for strategies development to meet these challenges.

Partnership Relevance

Local and regional governments play crucial role as driving forces for value creation thru supporting innovation and technology transfer regionally and interregionally.CCIC is particular relevant for this partnership as partners are by priority cities and regional authorities keen to learn from each others good practice and benefit from their cooperation.CCIC partnership wide geographic spread allows for excellent benchmarking and learning from a variety of approaches, thus able demonstrate added value.It comprises 2 groups of medium-sized cities/regions(Catania, Jyväskylä, Gävle, Tartu,Harghita,etc) and big ones(Birmingham, Warsaw,Sofia,Lazio/Rome,etc).The 14 partners are in different transition phases of knowledge-based economies.The ADVANCED cities/regions (Birmingham, Eindhoven,Lazio/Rome,Sabadell, Jyväskylä) will share their knowledge with the rest LEARNING ones to increase the capacities, absorb innovative technologies resulting in new products and services.


Under the 1st sub-theme of Priority 1 ‘Innovation and Knowledge Economy’, the concept of ‘Innovation ‘ is closely related to economic development issues in particular in research and technology that directly contribute to the competitiveness of the regions. INTERREG IVC supports projects like CCIC that contribute to improving the capacity of regions for strenghtening research, technology  and innovation to generate and absorb new technologies and provide support for risk-taking. CCIC project is in full compliance with the general objective of INTERREG IVC of improving effectiveness of regional development policies to achieve structural shift towards knowledge-based activities that lead to growth and job creation. CCIC outputs and results  will add value to the work of the Structural Funds and EU Cohesion Policy for the next programming period by raising the capacity of local and regional decision makers and experts on public sector innovation development.