Aberdeen welcomed the CCIC initiative

May 9, 2012toMay 10, 2012

The second international CCIC event took place in Aberdeen from 9th till 10th of May 2012. All 14 partner cities and regions took part in the discussions. The talks during the 2nd Steering committee were related to some of the most important elements of the project’s implementation such as the methodology and the rules that guide the selection of stakeholders. Furthermore, the participants touched upon the realization of the survey process as well as upon the on-line research identifying good practices in the sphere of public services and innovations aiming at sustainable development.

The hosts from Aberdeen City Council had the opportunity to share their expectations from the project, explicitly related to improving the quality of public services delivery. In addition, they expressed their certainty that the successful realization of the project will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of local businesses and to the creation of new business sectors in the area.