The first Steering Committee Meeting

March 13, 2012toMarch 14, 2012

The first Steering Committee Meeting took place in Sofia, Bulgaria (March 13 – 14, 2012). Since transfer of good practices constitutes the core of the project, it was important for participants to familiarize themselves with their counterparts. Thus, the partners briefly presented their interest in the project and gave an overarching evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their institutions in the 5 thematic fields of the CCIC project. The central purpose of the project is to optimize the role of local authorities in stimulating innovations in European cities and regions in accord with the Europe 2020 Strategy so as to enhance economic modernization and increase competitiveness. As a stepping-stone to their future work, the partners set out to clarify the conceptual foundation of the project and reached a broad working definition of the term “public innovation” as “new ideas that work in creating public value.” The scope of the respective thematic groups was also discussed, as well as the relevant methodology.