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6th CCIC newsletter: Focus on ‘local/regional blind-spots’ and important results and outputs

NL6_1CCIC focuses on improving regional policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and increasing collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders. CCIC considers four thematic areas with respect to identifying and surveying public sector innovation, and also a fifth, which is of a horizontal nature – innovation diffusion in regional blind-spots. …
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The Meaning of ‘Innovation in regional blind-spots’ within CCIC

NL6_2CCIC recognises that certain cities and regions concentrate more resources than others, thus resulting in an unequal distribution of opportunities from one region to another. In addition to that, there are perhaps factors (within the institutional environment, in the organisation, due to politics or economic constraints, etc.), which, perhaps not by design, hinder the diffusion of innovation, or the very transformation of new ideas into reality. …
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Final conference in Genoa (Italy) on the 16th of october




To every project comes an end… that’s why on the 16th of October 2014 the CCIC project’s main communication event, the CCIC Final Conference, was held in the city of Genoa, Italy. During this event the partners popularised the deliverables of their cooperative three-year work process as participants in the CCIC consortium.

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